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Articles by Jennifer Scott

Jennifer joined CPAWS as the National Communications Manager at the end of 2015. Jennifer has been working in the communications field for over ten years, predominantly in the not-for-profit sector in the area of medicine and health promotion. She has experience writing a diverse medley of materials for a variety of audiences and developing confident, articulate spokespeople through focused and interactive media training. She grew up in the Toronto-area but quickly fell in love with Ottawa when she moved to the National Capital Region to pursue a degree in Sociology-Anthropology at Carleton University, where her studies also included a concentration in linguistics. She’s also gone on to complete professional certificates in public sector & non-profit marketing, social media & e-marketing, graphic design, public relations & media communications. When free time abounds she likes to spend it hiking in the Gatineau hills, climbing in Pontiac, cycling or skating along the Rideau Canal, and checking out the various festivals that roll into town.

5 reasons to check out CPAWS Talks: Nature Needs Half

Big picture thinking. The idea that Nature Needs Half is nothing new. Many assessments over the last 20 years have typically determined that nature needs at least half of any given eco-region to be protected and interconnected with other such areas, in order to maintain its full range of life-supporting, ecological and evolutionary processes, the long term survival of the species that live there, and to ensure the system’s resilience in the face of environmental change. In fact, some ecosystems will require more than half. Simply put, Nature Needs Half, and it is time to say so. It’s time to act!